The pheonix egg

This Digital work of art is one of my favorites. I have created it specifically for a group exhibition that took place on October 2011, at “Hatachana” compound in Tel-Aviv. This art exhibition was a fundraiser for the LGBT association of Israel. Some 70 (!) artists took part of this event, including some of the most well known artists in the country.

The theme of the exhibition was ” transformation”, and so I came up with the concept of the Phoenix, which according to the legend is reborn from the ashes of his own funeral pyre. Like the Phoenix, we all have the ability to come back to life, to reinvent ourselves, through our ideas and creations, which have the potential to outlive us, and become immortal.

This piece was created as a collage of various textures which I have scanned and processed using Photoshop. Only one copy was ever printed, and I’m happy to tell you that it was sold for a handsome sum.