One of the most successful branding projects I have been involved in is of a small Israeli start-up company called Flometrica. This company develops disposable measuring equipment, for medical use.

The first challenge of every branding project is to create a logotype. A good logotype is like the opening notes of a concerto – it sets the tone and atmosphere of the entire brand, and makes the rest of the process a whole lot easier. Specifically in this project I had a hard time finding the right one. I must have presented the client with half a dozen different sketches. All of them were reasonable, but none of them was “it”.


At that point, while doodling absent-mindedly, I came up with this sketch. It was very simple, almost banal. But it made the “M” look a lot like Flometrica’s product – a drop of fluid passing through a measuring tube. The letters were hand drawn, since I couldn’t find a geometric font with the correct characteristics. The client immediately loved it. We tried a few color variations and finally decided to go with the classic Blue and Cyan duo.


As I mentioned before, a good logo makes the entire branding process flow, as if on it’s own. The more I looked at it the more I knew I had to take that special M and turn it into a leitmotiv. Here you can see it appearing in white on the company’s business cards. The blue and cyan blend into an abstract background, illustrating the concept of “flow”.


I later went on to design the company’s website. I tried to keep it as clean and tidy as possible, in order to convey the ideas of accuracy and efficiency. the only element which disturbs the straight lines is my beloved leitmotiv (here in the carousel’s buttons. The pictures of people smiling balance the cold color scheme, and add a bit of warmth and humanity.


I later went on and created a concept for the packaging of the product’s software. Again, using the drop as a dominant motive which is easily recognizable, and limiting myself to the brand’s colors. The result is simple and effective.